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We provide fabulous, easy to understand photography principles that are simple to apply to boost your skills toolbox. We add a fun, fresh way to learning the techniques needed to take your passion to the next level and beyond. However, you still need to provide your own caffeine!


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Get your dose of the fabulous twins with photography discussions, news, and interviews from local and world famous industry creatives



Simple to understand and easily apply those SHOOT skills in a safe place of learning.
These are focused on photography building blocks, special techniques and workflows that help you create stunning images.



We learn from each other in a casual setting, doing what we do best - create photographs! Sometimes the shooting takes a second chair to a great social interactions with like minded creatives.



Small group of photographers gather to shoot up a person, place, or product with similar gear and compare styles - Learn by Working


based in oklahoma city - travels worldwide

The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera
— Dorothea Lange