CaptureTV ShootOut - March 18, 2017

In 2016, after the Bedford PhotoCon convention, Jim, Ray and I met in Automotive Alley to demo the recently released Interfit S1 and the XP PhotoGear A100 Speedbox.  This was an impromptu on-location lighting demo with some friends interested in night flash photography.  It was branded as a FotoFact Podcast event and our dear friend, and talented videographer, Jeff Moore filmed a BTS video that received much attention online.

This year, the "secret" event will be more in-depth with amazingly creative photographers and branded under the new CaptureTV banner.  We are creating valuable education content, behind-the-scene videos, and quick pro tips to help shooters of all skill levels succeed int he passion of our craft.  This post is just a little teaser since the location will be kept quiet to maximize our attention and minimize the large gathering from last year. I'm not saying you can't join us, but you are going to need to seek us out and get the information in person.  You know.. one on one!  

So look for one of the master mentors of CaptureTV and see if you can get a VIP pass to be "Shhhhhh... ShootOut in OKC".  Check out the main website to spot your targets during Bedford's PhotoCon.

Here is the BTS video from last year to wet your appetite.  Enjoy the Light!

[vimeo 163348212 w=640 h=360]