Large Reflector Almost Defeats Me

Reflectors are a much-needed piece of equipment, used equally by ambient light shooters and flash photographers.  In fact, I keep one in my car all the time because you never know when it will save the day's shoot.

They come is many sizes and shapes and the majority fit into the category of "collapsible", which means they will twist and turn into a smaller package for transport.  Of course folding them can be a chore if you are not familiar with the trick of folding one up.

I wanted to share two videos - the first one is me getting "exercised" by a large oval 5-in-One and a simple video my friend Jim Felder created.  This simple trick will get you packed up and rolling with your reflectors quickly without breaking a sweat.

Thanks to Leslie Vines for filming me during the 2013 PPOk School in Stillwater, OK.  The now defunct Professional Photographer of Oklahoma School was a great source for education, networking, and laughter.  

My friend and co-host of the FotoFacts PodcastJim Felder, recorded this little trick for folding up any size reflector.  Watch closely and share your video link in the comments below.