Interfit Honey Badger Meets Honda CB750 in Studio Shoot

I've been using Interfit Photographic lighting gear since 2006 with the original Stellar 300 studio units. I've been fortunate to have had the opportunity to use so many brands of lighting gear and I keep coming back to the brand for their innovation, support and best bang for the buck.  

The release of the new Honey Badger 320 was somewhat of a surprise addition to the current lineup.  However, after spending quality time with this little aggressive light badger, I believe the little yellow beast is a perfect fit.  You will not find more power and features in a compact durable size near this price point.  While the HB320 is targeted to first-time studio shooters, it's equally able for the most demanding professionals.  The bonus feature is an intense LED modeling lamp suitable for video production, shutter draggin' effects and my favorite - Light Painting!

I'm positive my cheerful handler at HQ - her name is Danielle - didn't expect me to take this handly studio strobe for a long exposure trip in the studio.  It was comfortable and balanced well with the included 24" pop-out softbox to move around the motorcycle with the speed and agility of a Jedi knight.  But don't take my word for it, check out the videos for the shoot and a detailed post processing of the image files.

Special thanks to Chad Lunsford, Six One Six Studios, the builder for this stunning Honda CB750 mod.

After watching the videos hit me up with any questions and be sure to use my discount code "TRAWICK10" for some extra love at checkout on the Interfit Photographic website.  Drop some love and comments below.

Happy Shooting!


PS:  While watching these videos, play the Amazing Drinking Game - Take a shot each time I mention Amazing, Fabulous, Incredible, Awesome, Totally or Bad-Ass.  If you can't make it to the end without the shakes, please start over the video with another pot of coffee.