Todoist - The RIGHT Direction for 2018

We are fifteen days into the New Year and everyone is talking about their plans for the remaining 350 days.  It's no surprise that I'm constantly working on ways to improve, be productive and save time - even though we really can’t save TIME in a bottle.  Sorry, I couldn't resist the punt.

I've used just about every iOS software for task management.  Some are too simple, some are too complex but Todoist is A M A Z I N G!  The software can be personalized to integrate into your lifestyle.    

I can write a long list of ways I use this app daily, but there is one person that is so much better with teaching about the aspect of productivity.  The person is Carl Pullein and his "Working with Todoist" YouTube series is the go-to way to learn.  But not just learn, change your evil ways of bad habits to push your rocks forward.

Todoist has been a part of my life since August 2017 and my days are more productive and satisfying.  So I was surprised to learn how my year (or part year) added up until Todoist sent me "The Year in Review".  I want to share it with you and would love to hear your comments below.

Check out My 2017 in Review with Todoist