The Video that No One Noticed

Recently I participated in an after-hours meetup for Bedford Camera & Video Fujifilm Demo Days in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I starred into the iPhone camera during a Facebook LIVE video recording with the excitement for the day and the news just busted out. Internally I was freaking out about the announcement, but a few people even questioned my sudden move to a full time Fuji shooter. You can check out the video embedded here from my profile or click here to follow the comments.

Let’s be honest and transparent here, I’m in the process of switching over to Fujifilm X series camera system from my beloved Nikons but this is going to take a little while. I’ve used Nikon for over 30 years and been an Nikon Professional Service member since 1992. The past four years, I’ve been using an X-100 as a second camera at weddings for candid B/W images that are wonderfully film like right out fo the camera. The XPro2 has been instrumental in the desire and push to move to this system. I’m blown away with the detail, versatility and quality of the JPGs in horrible lighting conditions. In fact, I’ve used off camera flash LESS with mirrorless camera than with any other camera and it makes no sense to me, but it just works.

I can’t vouch for the Fujifilm X series camera is the best tool for you, but I can say confidently that if you are looking for a high quality, precision made instrument that captures moments of life with a quick learning curve, then this is your best option. You can shoot these camera right out of the box or customize practically everything.

Speaking of changing your world, last Saturday I covered an event with Jamie Cobb from Photoville. I was on my feet basically from 430pm until close to 11pm with a short break for dinner. Yes, I was tired but very happy surprised how my body (and feet) were not just beat down with lots of heavy equipment. I choose to shoot with my new basic FujiFilm system and I had Jamie shoot a pic of me wearing my gear.


The gear list on my body: XPro2 | 16-55 f2.8 | 56mm f1.2 | Godox 350 flash | 4 Sandisk 32GB Cards | 3 spare batteries for camera | 1 spare battery for flash | ThinkTank ChimpCage

I’m sure this set will go through some modifications as I get more comfortable (and more gear) but I enjoyed the lighter load and quicker to react FujiFilm X system.

I want to know what if keeping you from changing to a mirrorless system OR your experiences with your new system. Leave me some comments below.