The New Beginning

My current favorite - FujiFilm Xpro-2 with 56mm f1.2

My current favorite - FujiFilm Xpro-2 with 56mm f1.2

Well, YOU found me!

It's late at night in Mustang (Oklahoma) and this idea has been in my brain for many months taking shape.  The idea of shooting the things, places, and people I wish to discover.  

I am a fulltime photographer and trust me that tomorrow is going to hurt a little after this late night/early morning push towards a different side of my creative life.  If you know me, photography is my  P A S S I O N.  I don't say that lightly, like many other people but with the conviction that every fiber of my being - and a great part of my soul - is designed to be just as I am.  I can talk about photography 24/7 and on many days, longer than that!

There is no sense in telling you my long sorted history from my first discovery of the craft to the moment when I needed a more creative outlet.  And I'm sure you can find all my other social media outlets, websites, and professional work.  So, again, no sense in repeating what is already out there.

This new site will be exclusive images taken with Fujifilm X & G camera systems and in a way that pleases me.  I don't expect this site to fill up with amazing photos overnight but through lots of trails and errors.  Keep checking back often and rattling my cage to keep me pushing forward.

Let's see how this new chapter unfolds.  Join me!

Robert Trawick