Working out the Project

Quick grab shot at my favorite seat in the house,  Leaf+Bean

Quick grab shot at my favorite seat in the house, Leaf+Bean

Getting break during the day to just relax with a great cup of coffee is always at treat for me.  Whether alone or with a client, a few moments to sip, unwind and watch others walk pass the large windows, makes me feel blessed.

I’m overwhelmed with all the projects on my plate, but after yesterday’s outpouring into fleshing out the FujiFilm Photographer idea, I’m excited, focused and honestly blowing off a few things to get this project on the front burner.  All of this amidst buying a house and moving next week.  My home is a wreck with boxes and crates pushed into every corner awaiting the closing date.  I’m also changing my eating habits, not in a full-on diet assault, but a move to more healthy intake not filled with empty calories and carbohydrates.  

I love coffee shops and this one is in my top 5 on Oklahoma but my monthly financials “might” say otherwise since I’m here weekly.  Hell, it’s got free parking!  That’s like saving $3 or an extra cup of joe.  If you happen to be in the area, stop by Leaf+Bean and try the Ethiopian pour-over - just black.   Enjoy some easy listening background music and CLEAN bathrooms.  When you are on the road as much as me, clean restrooms are more than a necessity, it’s a requirement.

Well, I’m back to planning my world domination with emails to Southwest Airlines, their magazine and my good friend Jackie at FujiFilm US.  Let’s get this road trip project working! 

Do you have a special place I should be considering?  Please comment below. 

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