New Year and New Direction for 2019


If you are here, then you are seeing the new website for Trawick Images Workshops. Last year so many projects and ideas moved around and I’m finally focusing on the styles I liked as well as splitting the client and workshop websites to pass along concise information based on the demographics. We have rebranded the to - You can still make the choice by using the main website

I’m sure you are aware that teaching is a part of my legacy and feel the importance of passing along quality, easy to understand photography skills are keys to furthering the passion of this industry. So many things have changed since my first “Dare2Share” website, where I began passing along information to help other succeed in photography. You can’t imagine all the funny outtakes and hours involved with “Coffee with Robert” video series or the planning of the Scott Kelby Worldwide PhotoWalks.

We are still working on the dates and themes for the Shoot-Shops for the upcoming year. If you have any thoughts, comments or requests - please comment below or shoot me an email:

Join me on this Journey of Discovery

Me when I get excited about in camera Film Simulation in B/W

Me when I get excited about in camera Film Simulation in B/W