Waking Up in Kansas City


It’s a cold wintery morning start to the new week and I’m in Kansas City in search of that first coffee cup.  This trip was intended for the yearly planning and to shoot a G2KU session.  Sadly, neither of which were executed very well with the surprise of 6-8 inches of snow.  Then again, what can you expect in winter this far away from the equator.

Of course, every opportunity should be one of learning and a few things were reinforced during this trip.  Let me share those thoughts to help clarify your direction for the next 11 months or so.

Flexibility is the Foundation of Progress

Being an immovable object can truly hamper your ability to see clearly when faced with problems or uncertainty.  Nothing is guaranteed and the best laid plans can - or will - be thwarted by others including Mr Murphy himself.  In those situations, look at the challenge and be flexible enough to learn from the experience.

Choose the Heading - it’s Your Ship

It sounds like a very simple task - You are in control of your direction.  While helping other photographers, I find so many just making excuses of “why” they are not progressing or working.  There will always be external forces we all must deal with daily, but it’s still up to you to push through.  Make those plans, and then work that plan while being flexible.  Progress each day adds up, even if sometimes you feel the waves pushing you towards the deadly reef.


Would you be surprised if I said “There isn’t a right way for everyone.” I’ve heard so many times, follow this guy or that girl or that designer or that photographer, but everyone else are just guidelines. Copying another famous, rich or successful person and doing exactly as they do, will NOT bring you the same results. Figuring out what makes you happy and what makes you money are normally too different paths, despite the limited view of what you see in social media. Search for what is right for you.

Success is a team effort

No one does it alone. Period. If you disagree , take a look around you for the people that support, inspire, push and applause your progress. The tribe that helps you changes members from time to time and may seem invisible to the public eye. You will see them if you look. Be sure to recognize and appreciate them. As a special note in my life, my mother - no longer here - has always been an inspiration and my greatest supporter when I was young. I never thought about how much she influenced my direction until later in life when maturity set in. Oh, for most men that’s after 40 years on the rock.

Do the work

Recently a talented photographer I admire told me a secret that was poignant and direct. Just a very simple quote to leave thinking so print it, cut it out and paste it to your mirror.

Success only comes before work in the dictionary

Robert TrawickwestinComment